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Party DJ and Live Performer

Call me to discuss your party! I want to give you a reasonable party price and make your day rock! When I do a show, I put so much thought, time and care in everything I do that I want it to be an event. Then later I hear people say “I heard you had a DJ but I didn’t know it was going to turn into an EVENT!” That’s what I love.

I want to see that you’re having a great time! I want to make sure of it. I don’t come with just a play-list like a lot of other DJ’s. Every party I’ve been at breaths, it’s got a life to it, it’s an entity, you’ve got to read the crowd. Maybe they want mellow music, maybe they want fast music. You don’t know, you’ve got to read where people are at. Maybe they aren’t ready to dance yet, maybe they are. I’ve got to feel that out. I play a song that’s like a dance tease. I have a dance tease play list, I’ll grab something from there and I’ll watch people. You’d be surprised, when people are ready to dance, they start pushing tables aside, it’s just amazing!

Prices for DJing and Live Performances

Private Party Prices, DJ and SOLO Acoustic 3 hours $150

SOLO Acoustic Prices, 1 Hour, no amp, $75 + $25 every additional hour

3 hours music for your party with PA Sound System +$150, every additional hour $30

Weddings usually 4 hours for the reception starts at $500.

Also I require 20% down to secure the date for your event and I provide a receipt.


  • Extra time optional
  • Additional Lights / laser show
  • Accessibility to area charges may apply
  • If outside of usual area in Western Mass and Connecticut, travel charges may apply

How to make a party an event? Reading the crowd

I’ve been a wedding DJ and played at weddings down in Connecticut, people were just finishing eating but looked pretty sedate. I played a dance tease in the background and all of a sudden, boom! Everybody is just pushing everything out of the way to make more room to dance. And I’m like so surprised because the song isn’t even done yet! I get the lights going, it’s amazing! But that’s how it is, you find the right mood for the moment when people are ready and they just go for it.